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Purchase and processing used platinum tools

Used lab and glass-platinum equipment, thermocouples, etc. we purchase from you or we create yout orecious metals material account.

Production of platinum lab equipment

We produce cups, bowls, boating, and other equipment for laboratories from platinum and its alloys.

Production of platinum tools for glass industry

We furnace for drawing glass fibers, homogenizers, outlet plates, wells and bushes thermocouples, scraping plates, stone cladding scratch, bublingovy jets, glass stirrers, plungers, etc.

Buying glasses with remnants of precious metals

Remnants of glass coated with precious metals, usually gold, we buy based on the findings of precious metals.

Buyout solvent residues containing precious metals

Remnants of solvents, usually in the form of textiles and paper containing precious metals from the coloring of glass purchased at the findings of precious metals.